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Wednesday, July 17

8:00am PDT

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Publisher for Beginners (Paraprofessionals) J102 Makerspace Playground Commons Robotics Playground Commons Virtual Reality Job Simulator Experience B Hall Entrance First Floor 1st Grade Think Tank A116 2nd Grade Think Tank A104 3rd Grade Think Tank A105 4th Grade Math/Science Think Tank A106 4th Grade SS/LA Think Tank A107 5th Grade Math/Science Think Tank A108 5th Grade SS/LA Think Tank B116 Get Moving with Go Noodle E106 If You Give a Child a Mouse B103 Increasing Accessibility and Fostering Inclusive Classrooms E112 Kindergarten Think Tank A102 Learn how Hyperdocs can transform your teaching! B102 Nearpod 201 E104 PK-5 Fine Arts Think Tank A115 PK-5 Librarian Think Tank A103 Power Hour- 60 Tools in 60 Minutes E107 PreK Think Tank A101 Secondary Mathematics- Open Session B115 Start a Media Program for Next to Nothing B101 Technology is my Superpower - Building Unstoppable Literacy Acceleration B104 The Eve 6 Classroom B105 VIDEO Smackdown!! A117 A Beginner's Guide to Using Google Forms for Data E216 Creating a Digital "Growth" Portfolio! E114 Flipgrid Certified in One session E122 One Tool to Rule Them All A113 BLA: Station Rotation... It’s Not Just for Kindergarten C103 Blended Learning: Station Rotation Model C105 Coding with Pre-Readers: The why, how, and WOW! C102 Digital Tools for the English Classroom C106 Get your Students Going on Graphic Design with Autodesk Sketchbook (it's free!) C104 Getting Started With Canvas C116 Google The Science Way! C101 Our Teachers Have Spoken- Tech Favorites Uncovered Here C108 Poster Session: Breakout EDU Commons Poster Session: Library2Go Commons Poster Session: Minecraft EDU Commons

12:00pm PDT

1:00pm PDT

Makerspace Playground Commons Robotics Playground Commons Virtual Reality Job Simulator Experience B Hall Entrance First Floor 3D In the Classroom B105 9-12 Language Arts Think Tank A105 9-12 Math Think Tank A102 9-12 Science Think Tank A101 9-12 Social Studies Think Tank A104 Administrators Think Tank B116 Chromebooks in K-2 A117 ESL/Bilingual Think Tank A108 Formative Assessment with Minecraft Education Edition E112 Google Classroom: The Ultimate Substitute Solution A116 Google Tour Creator: Learning in 360 Degrees B101 Instructional Coaches Think Tank A115 Investigate the "Google Explore Tool" to build research skills. B102 K-12 Foreign Language Think Tank A106 NextGen FreshGrade: Innovate and Inspire with Digital Portfolios E114 Paraprofessionals Think Tank Lecture Hall PreK-12 Special Education Think Tank A107 Secondary Mathematics- Open Session B115 The Office- North Ridge Edition B104 Using Nearpod for Language Arts and Social Studies in the elementary classroom E104 Using the Evaluation Process to Foster a Professional Learning Partnership A103 Valid Digital Resources for Your Students B103 Advanced Google Sheets E218 Designing Art Toys F204.7 Edpuzzle Coach in one session E122 Excel for Beginners (Paraprofessionals) J102 Google Drawing: The Unsung Hero of Google Suites A113 Have ideas and need a hand? E216 BLA: How Do You Get to Boston? C103 Breakout of Your Routine C104 ClapMotion = Simple Stop-Motion C101 Digital Record Keeping in the Workshop Classroom C117 Diving into Personalized Professional Development! C108 G-Suite in K-1-2 Steps C105 Get Started with CS First B117 Hyperdoc Playlists C102 Leading The Way With Canvas C116 Technology and Workshop Model C107 Using High Impact Strategies with Achieve3000 C106 Poster Session: Goose Chase Commons Poster Session: SeeSaw Digital Portfolios Commons Poster Session: VR with Viewfinders Commons

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