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Anna Seibert

Braswell HS
science teacher
Aubrey, TX
I am a 5th year science teacher at Braswell High School. I will be teaching AP/DC chemistry, biology, environmental science and honors chemistry this year.
In the past, I have also taught on level chemistry and honors and on level biology; I taught career readiness to middle schoolers, I subbed in about every grade there is, and I taught college chemistry in Kentucky.
I love all things science, especially talking about how the body works, about nature in general, about gardening, birding, cooking, reading. I love working with students and getting them to find a love for science and curiosity. I love encouraging kids to ask why, how, and what and finding a way to discover the answer rather than be told it.
My PhD is in biochemistry - my thesis was based on the attempt to turn a sea anemone toxin into a drug.