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Charla Carlat

Denton ISD
Online Curriculum Creator/Spanish 2,3
Lake Dallas, Texas
Just like you… I'm a teacher. I’m in the classroom facing the day to day grind and challenges of keeping our students engaged. The struggle is real. Teacher… rest-assured, there is one constant that you know is here to stay… a generation of ever-changing technology in our classrooms. No doubt, the choices can be overwhelming. Every time we use tech in our classroom we are either setting ourselves up for a day of pulling out our hair in frustration or one where that sweet device in our darlings’ hands just became a magical tool, gifting us laughter with learning. Meanwhile, we are looking over our kingdom, taking a sigh of relief and gloating. Let’s talk about putting the right tools in your bag so that you can hit that technology sweet spot based on your unique needs.

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